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International Certifications

TouchPro Europe

TouchPro® chair massage method is widely practiced in many airports across the U.S. and Europe. TouchPro® Europe, founded in 1993 is the only chair massage institute in Europe with an extensive licensing program for their practitioners. In order to maintain high standards, TPE practitioners are required to renew their license once a year. The students are taught to deliver a highly efficient and an effective chair massage, with responsible work ethics coupled with professional standards. TouchPro® Europe has trained over 5,000 students in Holland and 11,000 in Europe. TPE is accredited as a training institute by ZHONG, the professional association for acupuncture therapists and Chinese massage, and VNT, the professional association for naturopathic medicine and massage therapy.

Due to the unique combination of pressure points and expert techniques, the TPE chair massage is ideal for travelers and anyone who engage in strenuous routines. The convenient seating offered to the client with an especial chair designed to take the pressure off of the spinal cord delivers faster relaxation and increases the overall effect of the massage. The client receives the massage fully clothed, which makes the session more convenient.

Receiving a TPE chair massage before or after a flight has many benefits. As mentioned before, the special combination of pressure points are highly effective and deliver results in a short period of time. The massage works on the head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, upper, and lower back.

This massage stimulates the lymph system and speeds up the release of toxins which can build up during a long flight, causing headaches and other problems. It also strengthens the immune system. Oxygen and nutrients are pumped into the tissues and vital organs, improving circulation. This helps the client to rejuvenate his/her body from jetlag.

The Spa Co

Reflexology is a gentle yet an effective healing therapy that works through pressure-point massage of the feet to relax and heal the mind and body. It has been in practice for over 4,000 years, and is still practiced all over the world; homes, hospitals, spas, as well as private wellbeing and healthcare centers.

The exclusive Reflex-point Foot Massage practiced by the therapists at Footrub was developed by a world-renowned qualified reflexology practitioner with years of expertise in the industry. The Footrub Reflex-point Foot Massage includes techniques specifically combined to increase mobilization, circulation and drainage of fluid from the feet. It is well documented that pre-flight foot massage is beneficial for travelers, particularly if seated for extended hours on long-haul flights as it reduces stress and promotes relaxation.

A number of international airlines now provide reflexology for their long-haul flight crew, following trials showing that reflexology reduces high blood pressure and improves mental performance, thus offering a better flying experience.

ISO 9001: 2003

The ISO 9001: 2003 quality standard certificate stands proof for the premium wellbeing treatments offered by Footrub. All services offered by Footrub are carried out to conform to internationally accepted health and hygiene standards in order to ensure highest level of quality to our customers.

Depending on the skin and nail conditions of each customer, the duration of manicure and pedicure may vary. Services are carried out in a controlled environment to ensure that maximum benefit is derived by our customers. Our internal processes take into consideration the best practices in the industry and professionalism of staff. This ensures consistency and excellent customer service as we utilize quality products which obey the industry standards in the provision of our services.

Quality Policy

  • Every wellness treatment, manicure and pedicure provided will strictly conform to the techniques documented by FOOTRUB's international trainers.
  • We guarantee the duration of all wellness treatments. Duration of manicures and pedicures could vary according to nail and skin condition.
  • Services will be carried out in a controlled environment to ensure maximum benefit is derived by our customers.
  • All services carried out will conform to internationally accepted health and hygiene standards.
  • Our internal processes take into consideration, industry best practices and professionalism of staff to ensure consistency and excellent customer service.
  • We utilize quality products which conform to industry standards in the provision of our services.

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