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Within a competitive corporate environment, stress is an unavoidable factor. Targets, deadlines, technological updates and disputes are just a few of the things that can stress employees on a daily basis. Starting from common symptoms such as severe headaches, backaches, neck pains, depression and physical/ mental exhaustion, stress can lead up to serious health issues. While spas offer luxurious treatments for relieving stress, the duration, costs and necessity to leave the workplace makes it impractical to fit it in to a busy workday. Taking this to account, we, at FOOTRUB, have pushed our limits to cater to your wellness with a hint of innovation.

What is Footrub On-site®?

FOOTRUB On-site® is an extension of our well-being service where we visit your workplace on a regular basis to provide stress-relief services and "a few moments of total relaxation".

Our well-being massage treatments are provided within the convenience of your office in specialized, ergonomically designed massage chairs which are set up for the day, within a quieter space in your office. As with our regular service, all massage treatments are performed while you remain fully clothed in your work attire and require no oils. The treatments are designed to take no more than 20 minutes - the same length of time as a coffee/tea or cigarette break but provide a much deeper sense of relaxation. Treatments focus on tired, weary feet and on the upper body areas that often cause problems for those who sit at a desk or use a computer for long periods. The service is known to leave people feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalized, which has a direct influence on morale, productivity and a reduction in stress related sick-leave.

*All on-site services are offered for corporate entities/ groups only.


Permanent On-site® service

Based on a specific number of treatments per day as per the request of the client and the space allocated on permanent basis, we are keen to set up an On-site mobile center which will remain throughout the contract period.

The service is available only for companies/ organizations with 8 hours a day. Monday – Friday every week (22 On-site® days per month)

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Weekly On-site® service

Based on a specific number of treatments per day as per the request of the client and the space allocated on a temporary basis, Footrub will set us an On-site® mobile center for each visit.

*Customized on-site contracts and treatments can be arranged, depending on the requirement of the organization.

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