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Wellness Pedicure


Wellness pedicure

Contrary to the common belief that pedicures are purely cosmetic, the beauty pedicure is intrinsically restorative and promotes significantly better foot hygiene while assisting in the prevention of common foot problems.

This efficient grooming service takes approximately 35 minutes during which each foot is cleansed using steamed towels containing a mixture of essential oils and water. Once complete practitioners trim, clean, shape and buff nails and attend to any cuticle work needed. A gentle rasping of dead & dry skin is then carried out with a foot-file prior to a thorough exfoliation of the entire superficial layer of the foot using a specialist Scholl product. Once exfoliation is complete, feet are moisturized using a Scholl softening foot lotion leaving them correctly hydrated and imparting a youthful appearance. Cuticles are then nourished with the application of cuticle oil. The pedicure is completed with a brief foot massage

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